In-house at Blue Telescope
Location Las Vegas, NV
Booth Concept & Identity, UX Design, Print collateral (Posters, Postcards, etc)

As Art Director at Blue Telescope, I developed concepts and designs for the UNIVERSE exhibit, which showcased creative and connected technology experiences from the interactive multimedia firm.

The campaign's identity implemented images of hands and circular theme icons, emphasizing the use of hands-on interaction throughout the booth. Bold typography with customized details, set against a background of stunning NASA photos, provided wayfinding and visual consistency across a variety of print and digital media, including wayfinding, postcards, room drops, and T-shirts.

Motion graphics brought life to the visuals, as disembodied hands spelled out the exhibit's theme in American Sign Language, and kinetic type emphasized the interactivity of the booth's experiences.

See the "UNIVERSE" Identity system