In-house at Blue Telescope
Location Las Vegas, NV
Booth Concept & Identity, UX Design, Motion Graphics, Print collateral (Posters, Postcards)l
 Awards Communicator Award, Interactive Media (Gold); Summit Creative Award, Interactive Media (Gold)

As Art Director at Blue Telescope, I was part of the conceptual team behind See What Unfolds, an interactive exhibit about how multimedia technology can reveal unexpected ideas and insights.

Origami creatures formed the core visual element of the experience. I designed a variety of promotional materials, including postcards, wayfinding, and convention bag drops, using brightly colored origami imagery and a 'folded' typeface to elicit curiosity among attendees.

A hanging sign suspended 1000 origami cranes above the exhibition booth, where visitors encountered a video wall that 'folds' into a touchtable. Here they saw a series of virtual environments inspired by Japanese Art. Using actual origami as a physical interface, visitors could create their own custom origami creatures, release them into the digital environments, and unfold them with simple gestures.

I designed the animated environments using scans of cut paper models. The environment cycled through four seasons of use, each incorporating subtle effects, such as floating clouds, snowfall, or scattering flower petals, to capture visitors' attention.

The exhibit was successful for the firm, attracting a record number of visitors and boosting brand recognition and perception.

See "UNFOLD" Motion Graphics