Sites of Conscience
Location 3 Kiosks - U.S., France, Belgium, Italy
Art Direction, Kiosk Development, Video Graphics, UX Design, Motion Graphics
 Awards Communicator Award, Interactive Multimedia/Education (Silver)

Navigating Difference is a set of touch kiosks located at sites in New York, Belgium, and Italy, that invite visitors to explore and share their personal opinions about immigration.

My design for the interactive needed to be simple and flexible to work in multiple languages. I used high-contrast orange and blue to help the exhibit 'pop' in public places, and designed logotypes in English, French, and Italian with letters transforming into arrows, suggesting the movement of populations between cultures. The designs included live-data infographics and interfaces for webcam photos and message boards, inviting visitors to share their own stories and opinions. Given the important and often provocative content, I enjoyed the challenge of designing to engage visitors across multiple cultures and languages.