Client in-house at Nature's Northwest
Location Portland, OR
Signage & Wayfinding, Print Advertising, Brochures, Menus, Calendars, Cross-dept Collateral

Working for the Portland Gay and Lesbian Film Festival was a great chance to do pro-bono work for a group I felt was very important to the culture of the city.

The main project I would be designing was the program booklet, then the posters, ads, and many other accessories like personnel hang tags. So I began with a theme of an eye chart and the phrase "What You Looking At?", as a metaphor for people to Look and Listen for news of the festival. The drag queen in the background in bright pink addede some campy punch.

For me, the success of this work lay mainly with the program. It was designed on a grid that allowed the multiple showings and ads to be featured in a streamlined and clear way.