Merck Fertility
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Art Direction, Game Concept & Development, UX Design, Motion Graphics, Illustration
 Awards Communicator Award, Interactive Media (Silver)

The Merck Fertility Challenge took conference attendees on a virtual tour of Istanbul while educating them about Merck's women's health products. Participants used iPads to take a game-show style quiz, while a host tracked their progress on a stylized map of Istanbul, with each question appearing at a notable landmark.

I researched vintage maps and Turkish patterns to design the background map, and I created modern, iconic illustrations of each landmark that would resonate on both the small tablets and the large game board. A simple interface ensured that the application was intuitive enough for visitors to understand without instruction.

The game needed to appeal to a multinational audience, while also incorporating graphic elements from four different Merck brands. The local theme provided a modern, fun way to tie these elements together in an engaging exhibit experience.