In-house for Blue Telescope
Location Las Vegas, NV
Art Direction, Booth Identity, Music Design, UX Design, Print collateral (posters, postcards,etc)
 Awards EXHIBITOR2011 Award, Best of Show; Summit Creative Award, Interactive Media (Gold); Communicator Award, Interactive Media (Gold)

Designed with a musical theme, HARMONY incorporates a curved truss of 12 LCD displays at staggered heights that surround visitors with a floating strip of high-definition media. Because the entire surface of the booth was media, it was crucial that the experience have visual impact and drawing power.

I created motion graphics that extended the musical theme, representing the three in-booth interactives in abstracted ways. Images of music, technology, and collaboration, set to an original score I composed, leveraged the unusual display configuration, taking visitors on a journey from a rave to the symphony. 

The booth drew crowds and interest, and won Blue Telescope the Best in Show award for large exhibits at EXHIBITOR2011.