Ellis Island Gift Shop
Location Brooklyn, NY
Art Direction, Game Concept, UX Design, Motion Graphics, Illustration
Awards Communicator Award, Interactive Multimedia/Education (Gold);
Communicator Award, Interactive Multimedia/Education (Silver)

I designed two touch-table interactives, on display in the retail environments at Ellis Island, to engage young visitors with the site's past and connect it to their own personal experiences.

As part of the concept team, I engaged in historical and visual research to develop "Journey to Ellis Island." In this game, visitors choose an avatar based on real-life children who passed through the site in the late 1800s. Using a simple game-board layout, up to four users play at once, guiding their avatar through the different steps of the immigration process and playing mini-games that simulate historic health, legal, and mental tests.

A second experience, "Immigration Around the World", presents a colorful map of the globe. Using virtual magnifying glasses, visitors can highlight countries and learn simple facts about their culture and their history of immigration to the United States.

I mixed vintage photography and type with vibrant, modern elements to make engaging, kid-friendly interfaces. My interest in history, coupled with the fun, playful interactions, made this my favorite project as Art Director at Blue Telescope.