Liberty Science Center
Location New Jersey
Multiple Interactives, UX Design, Motion Graphics, Illustration
 Awards  MUSE Award, Telly Award, Communicator Award, Summit Creative Award, International Design Award

Liberty Science Center developed a travelling exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic puzzle. I created a number of interface designs for the project through my role as Art Director at Blue Telescope.

For Twisty Puzzle Design, a multi-user tabletop that lets visitors create their own virtual toys, I implemented a color-coded layout that split the table into multiple workstations, each using a non-traditional triangle-based grid to complement the exhibition design's graphic style.

I built a flexible web-based template for the Digital Information Station tablet apps that incorporated image galleries and irregular text shapes. For the Solve Bar Android app, I designed interfaces that help visitors solve a scrambled cube using photography and implementing a Google-designed virtual 3D cube model.

I worked with the exhibit's Graphic Designer at LSC to translate guidelines for print graphics into digital standards, including global iconography for language selection, help, etc., to maintain UX consistency throughout the gallery. The exhibition continues to entertain and educate visitors around the globe, most recently travelling to multiple cities in China.